Meet The Owners

Hi, I'm Joan, and as you see, I love to be near the water. I can't be too far from it for any lengthy period. That's why I'm excited to own and operate a business in Traytown, close to the water, and near all the bays, ponds and rivers of the Bonavista peninsula.

I've spent my entire adult career in the sales and service industry, and found it both exciting and enjoyable. I'm happy and excited about having the opportunity to continue working with people in the tourism industry, and meeting and providing quality services to our guests.

Hello, and I'm Jim. It's not hard to tell where I want to spend my retirement years. (That's an inside joke). Actually, after 20 years working in the public sector, I did retire! And, as much as the golf course was on my mind then, so also was the desire to own and operate a tourism business.

I spent most of my working career in this area of Newfoundland. I like the people and love the area, and between hunting, canoeing and cutting wood in the winter with the skidoo, there is little about the area that I don't know. It's only natural then that the area I want to promote is the area for which I have the greatest passion.

See you on the golf course... someday.